How We Work

Diefold UK have done extensive research so as to make sure we have the best possible machinery for the job. All Diefold UK Staff are constantly upgrading their knowledge via NVQ qualifications instructed on sight by NLTG (North Lancs. Training Group). We also have a Health & Safety officer on sight who constantly keeps our employees aware of all Health & Safety issues. We are currently in the process of setting up a system so we can quote instantly on line, this will enable your estimators to put your prices in quicker than your competitors. This will also save everybody time and money.

Diefold UK leave no stone unturned in an endeavour to constantly upgrade our standards so as to supply the customer with the perfect quality and service they expect.

From the moment your job arrives it is checked throughout each process e.g. no job is allowed to be run until it has been signed off by 1. The Operator 2. Shift Foreman 3. Shift Manager this enables us to minimize any mistakes. The job finally leaves boxed, labelled, palletized and wrapped ready for you to deliver straight into your customer. All jobs have file copies.

Special Orders

We can produce non-capacity and capacity folders with many different shapes and designs of the pockets with up to 3 pockets on each folder.

  1. One, two or three single pockets on one folder.
  2. One or two capacity pockets on each folder.
  3. One single fold and one capacity on the same folder.
  4. Two different size capacity’s on the same folder e.g. one 5mm capacity and one 8mm capacity.
  5. Capacity’s ranging from 3mm to 12mm.
  6. Concertina folders (gusseted) which can fold the gussets in automatically.
  7. Outside glue flaps.
  8. Tent cards.
  9. CD wallets.
  10. Ticket wallets (125mm minimum width)
  11. Carton work.

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